10 hours later, it’s still earlier than when I left.

I’m in SFO again, with their oh so generous 45 minutes of wifi. It’s also extremely slow and annoying.

Plane ride was interesting. I knocked out a bunch of chapters of The Prize, maybe 3 or 4, and also watched an episode of Big Bang Theory, and half of some other movie I’ve never heard of, but wasn’t bad. Thor was on first, but I didn’t watch it. Tried to sleep a little, but maybe only slept for about two hours.

I sat next to a man who works with semi-conductors (Samsung is the largest producer), and he was nice. It was really hard to hear him though, over the airplane sounds. He said that he has two daughters and he also would like to have a son but doesn’t want to have another baby. He said he asked his wife if they could adopt a boy, but not seriously. He told me that adoption is not popular in Korea. He told me that my parents are very respectable for adopting us. We also ended up talking about Korean university price vs. American university price, Korean economy, unemployment and chaebol. Fascinating. But I was in the middle of reading and kind of wanted to go to sleep. Haha. But he was nice.

Okay we’re starting to board! Home in 3 hours! ❤



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