Over already?

Today I had to say goodbye to E and J, and went to the mall and aquarium with Eun Jee. It was very fun at the aquarium, except it was very crowded because it was the weekend. The most exciting animals were manatees and penguins. There were also random non-aquatic animals like hedgehogs and prairie dogs…

Tonight I went to Apgujeong with PK and some friends of his for his birthday! Hooray! It was delicious, and fun.

I am exhausted. I’m going to wake up tomorrow and do a load of laundry, and then finish packing!

We are leaving the agency at 2pm, and my plane leaves at 450. I am praying traffic is not bad and everyone is ready to go AT 2pm, and that everything at the airport goes smoothly, so I don’t miss my plane…



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