Starting to say goodbye…

Yesterday was uncomfortable altogether. We went to Samsung d’light, a building with video games and other Samsung products…It was basically like an Apple store on crack. It was fun, but not very…cultural enriching.

We also went to a Korean Spa…there was so much nakedness in the locker room we were extremely uncomfortable. We went in the swimming pool, but it was murky, and not very chlorine-smelling, which made us feel like it was not very clean. I will be extremely lucky if I don’t have athlete’s foot, to put our experience that way…

We kind of wished yesterday didn’t happen. We were all exhausted and frustrated and a little grossed out for the whole day. Hahaha.

Last night we went out to dinner with our roommates though, which was really fun. Minye went ahead early to the restaurant (typical) and my roommate was late. (also typical) We started to cry when Min Kyung had to leave to go home, and we cried a lot. Then, she found out she could take a later bus…hahaha but then that time came too soon as well. We didn’t cry that time, but I got her safely into a taxi. She left me a really cute text message but I can’t open right now because my phone is charging…

On the way home, J and I stopped at Sinchon McDonald’s and got our last 500W cone (mine was 700, it was dipped in chocolate). It was delicious. I also got nail polish for Nicky’s wedding NEXT SATURDAY! 🙂

This morning we went to a studio and learned basic rhythms on the jangu (hourglass shaped drum) of Samulnori. I was a little apprehensive at first, because I am the least coordinated person on the planet, but once you got the hang of the rhythm, it started to flow well. It turned into so much fun and it was one of my favorite things we’ve done all week.

Tonight we had dinner, and then a few roommates came to visit for awhile. I am going to the aquarium with Eun Jee tomorrow.

D is leaving in the morning to spend time with her family, E is leaving Korea, S-E left for a friend’s house tonight, and J is leaving in the morning and starting her VACATION.

Sleep time! Don’t want to think about leaving. D said that we’re all kind of in denial, and I think she’s right. It will hit us at home. Not looking forward to that feeling, but happy to be going home.



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