This morning, we held babies. It made me extremely happy. They were all so very precious. There were surprisingly many boys, and a handful of babies that were born last month, but admitted to the Babies’ Home only about a week ago. The first little boy I held has the same surname as me! I said, “Since we are related, can I just claim this one?” They said no. We had to take a picture together with babies, and so for the picture, I picked one up that was born on the 28th of July. SO TINY and PRECIOUS. I love babies. It’s very hard to think about why they are all in the Babies’ Home. So I just try not to, and love on them, and tell them they are and will be loved. I want to take them all home.

In the afternoon, we went Kimchi World, and made our own kimchi! I really don’t think I’ll be able to bring it home, unfortunately. It’s actually fairly tasty, we made a type of kimchi that used to be for kings…it was sweet and had a lot of vegetables in it, including pine nuts (my fav). We also made ddeokbokki. They served maekkoli (rice wine) with the ddeokbokki, but I don’t like it, so J drank our can. HAHAHA. After that, we went to a Korean Tea House in Insadong, and then went shopping.

Came home, exhausted. We bought a bagel from the downstairs cafe and then went to sleep at 7 until 9. We were planning on waking up at 8…Oh well. The only time I’ve gotten out of bed since then is to get my bagel off the table. Whoops.

Now it’s shower time and bed time again! Hooray!



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