Sunday Funday!

“All I do is eat rice now.” -J

Today was our only free day. So. Here’s the rundown of what I did:

Went over my file with my case worker, and she said, “Your file is very thick because of all your medical records.” Bahahaha. I saw a few funny things in there from my Mama, and i also got my sister’s case number from it (which we’ve been looking for). It was interesting…I think I may need to get my blood type retested, let’s just say. There are a few discrepancies that are kind of weird…

Then J and I went back to sleep for a half hour, and I went out to Myeongdong with E and her mom and sister to go shopping. I still haven’t broken the terrible habit of buying something every time I go into Artbox, and today i bought more spiral hair things…whoops. I also bought eyeshadow, but that was factored into my budget…

ON the way back, it was pouring rain. POURING. and so we caught a taxi back to 옹대 (Hong Dae). We didn’t know how to tell the driver where we wanted to go, so we just told him to take us to the Hong Dae station. but then we passed the big landmark building and we were like, “여기, 요기, 여기.” (Here, here, here.) He was so confused when we hadn’t made it to the station yet and we wanted out. Then we turned on our heels the opposite direction of the cab. It was fabulous.

J and I have been really wanting McDonald’s for AWHILE since we’ve been here. D and her husband met up with a guy they know who lives here, and he told us there was a McDonald’s one subway station over. So. When we got to the station, we stalked some girl with a McDonald’s ice cream cone and followed the stairs that she came down and there was an entrance to it straight from the subway. Epic win. We had Chicken Nuggets and french fries and Coke. It was delicious and perfect. Then we got 500W ice cream cones. It was extremely satisfying.

Then we were out past 11 and we were afraid we were going to get locked out of the building, but luckily it was still open when we got here.

S-E bought some of us Korean keyboards tonight, and her husband helped us set them up on our computers. Hooray!

I took my LAST MACROECON TEST and did okay, Probably got about a 78, but still got an A in the class, so I’m satisfied with that as well.

Now I’m just hungry.

Tomorrow we are holding babies. HAPPIEST DAY EVER. ❤



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