Long day in Hong Dae

Except not really in Hong Dae. It just happened to rhyme.

Today we went on a “bus tour” which consisted of stopping at a few places and staying about an hour at each place.

We went to the National Museum, which D and E had already been to, and I have seen last year. That was really rough, we were very sleepy and didn’t really enjoy it that much. However, there was a little section on the G20 summit that was interesting to look at… Barack Obama gave a Korean diplomat a clock, engraved with Obama’s signature on it. I thought it was humorous because that means the diplomat didn’t really get to keep the clock…It got put into the museum.

We also stopped at the War Memorial Museum, where we just ran around looking for all the interactive stuff to do, like getting into vehicles from the Korean War, and things of that nature. Here are the 3 Americans saluting in an American vehicle:

We also learned about the island of Dokdo, which is an island that used to be claimed by Japan as their territory and now it is Korea’s once again. These are the notes we left on the wall:

We’re mature.

We also went to a village, but that was seriously the last straw for us. It was so hot that we looked at one house and said, “If we’ve seen one, we’ve seen them all.” and went into the gift shop and stood in front of the air conditioner. 

Then we went to a baseball game. Which was incredibly fascinating, because there was so much team spirit happening, it was overwhelming. It was packed, and split exactly down the middle for Red (LG) and Blue (Samsung).  We (Samsung) lost tonight, like 10-5. It was very sad…haha It was still sweltering, but it was a good experience, and cooled down after the sun went down!

I miss everyone already though! It’s lonely without my roommate. But tonight J moved in my room with me! 🙂

Tomorrow, we are going on a date to McDonald’s to get Chicken Nuggets and French Fries. Success.

Oh. I’m also looking in my file tomorrow.



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