No driving, no sleeping, live it up like it’s the weekend.

Except it was the weekend.


Program field trip to Seoul! We shopped a little in Insadong. I got a set of little dolls that I would like to maybe someday use as my wedding cake topper (Yes, I do think that far ahead….), and a hilarious surprise for Justin šŸ™‚ Then we visited Changdeok Palace. After the palace, we went to see a performance of Nanta! It was so fun and entertaining, but made us extremely hungry! D, J and S-E and I stayed the night in a hotel because they went to the DMZ on Saturday morning.


I woke up to my alarm at 9am…and I was totally alone. They had left to go to the DMZ at like 7am or something…It was weird being by myself! But I found the subway station okay, and met PK and some other camp people at the bus terminal to go to the orphanage. At the orphanage, we just broke out all the snacks and puzzles that we had and worked with the kids to put them together. We also taught them how to play Uno, and we played that….a lot. There was one little girl there, that I tried to ask if she wanted some snacks in Korean, and she kept looking at me and saying, “huh?” So. That tells you how good my Korean is.

For dinner we went to see some of PK’s friends, where we ate American-style barbeque on the roof. There was macaroni and cheese. It was also delicious. I ate a lot of it…We also went to noraebang until 4am! Went to bed at 445 and we all woke up today at 1130 or so. Shower helped put me back on a bus to Chuncheon and now I am back! I think I have a mini-essay to write that’s due today about this program, so I guess I should get on it!

I didn’t take pictures….I was foiled again…left my memory card in my computer.



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