I want a baby Korean otter.

They’re so cute.

Yesterday for our field trip, we went to Hwacheon…we saw an archaeological site (which we weren’t supposed to take pictures of. whoops) and otters.The site was about 2500 years old. Then we saw two baby otters!

Jung Ha and Minye came back with ears of corn in their hands. We said, where did you get that? Did you take that from Hwacheon? Jung Ha said in Korean traditional culture, children could take a fruit or vegetable from a farm, but sometimes they had to apologize to the owner. But it wasn’t stealing, unless you took a lot. We said, “You didn’t apologize!” and Jung Ha said, “The owner was absent!!!!!!!!” It was hilarious but they cooked and ate them for dinner….hahaha.

I asked my roommate about this “tradition.” She’d never heard of it…

Off to film a video over our lunch break…..Intercultural Communications, please die.



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