Now I know how we sound so foreign.

We speak Korean slower than a 4 year old.

Finally learning conversation though! Moving up!

Tonight, we ordered delivery soup. It came in this big metal box. We opened it up, and there were hot soup bowls, real spoons and rice bowls, and a tupperware thing that had all the side dishes inside. WHAT. Then when we were finished, we just put the dirty dishes back in the box, and left the box at the entrance to the dorm. And it gets picked up. We didn’t even have to call them to pick it back up. What the heck! In the US, people would just not give the stuff back…I doubt they have a theft problem with it, or it wouldn’t be profitable. We had a big bowl of kalbi tang (kalbi soup) for only 6000W. Plus, it was delicious. The whole delivery thing really blew our minds.

Other than that, just an average day. Oh. but we did have Korean cooking class today. We went to the Chuncheon Makguksu Museum and make buckwheat noodles for makguksu and rice cakes! I left my Vista Golf jacket there. I am kind of giving up that I will ever see it again…The coordinator knows I left it, but I feel like she has a lot of more important things to worry about, she’ll probably forget. Ha. It’s been a good run, golf jacket.



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