Green Tea Lattes taste like leaves.

This weekend was mostly spent on a bus. We drove to the east coast! First we took a cable car up Seoraksan, the 3rd highest peak in Korea. Then we climbed up the rest of the way to the very top! We came down late and got in trouble for that…It happens. It was so worth it though!

Then we went to a traditional Korean house. There were quarters for the men, women, and second oldest son. I told my mama about these, and she said she doesn’t know how little boys didn’t rip through all the rice paper walls!

We also went to Kyung Po beach, where we saw a traditional farmers’ dance performed, and also some young people put on a short drum show. We also went to the beach ourselves. The water wasn’t too terribly cold, but I didn’t get in past my legs!

Saturday we went to the Alpensia ski resort, which is where the PyeongChang Olympics will be in 2018. It’s so interesting to see all the signage for Pyeongchang, even after only 2 days. It’s all over the province! I even saw some today in Chuncheon. We also went to a traditional cooking experience, and Woljeongsa Temple. This temple was a place that became a refuge for the rebel forces during the Korean War and so part of it was burnt down then and had to be rebuilt.

The 9-level stone pagoda is National Treasure #48.

This post is kind of boring, I’m trying to just sum it all up, but there was so much, and I am sleepy. Haha

We went to the program coordinator’s church today. She said it was small, but when we arrived, I realized that she meant SMALL. There were maybe 35 people in the service, it is just a one room sanctuary with an upstairs I guess where all the children were, and also where we had lunch. The people were delightful, of course. It’s hard to describe them besides full of the Spirit. They had wonderful hearts, that you could tell by just sitting and watching!

Oh one exciting story: S-E, J, D and I returned to the place we had ddukboki and twigim the first day in Chuncheon for dinner last night. We went by ourselves and we ordered by ourselves! They understood us and everything! We were very proud.



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