Chilly Olympics and Folktales coming true!

I had heard word going around that all the Korean students were having to write limericks for homework. Well, that’s the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Nobody USES limericks, their purpose is simply for novelty. Plus, THEY’RE HARD TO WRITE.

My roommate hadn’t asked me about it yet, so I didn’t think too much about it. I just came in the room and she asked what a limerick was. So. I told her I’d think of one in the shower. Here’s what I came up with in my shower:

There once was a boy named Billy,
Everyone thought he was silly.
He had mittens in red,
A hat on his head,
It was summer but he was still chilly.

Thank you, I know, it’s a great work of art. COPYRIGHT HILLARY 2011. Hahaha. But first I explained to her the meaning of “chilly” because she thought it meant “hot” like a “chili.” She read it a few times and then said, “Oh, now I understand.” And so I’m hoping that it’s funny now…to her. It’s funny to me, I was impressed with myself, actually.

Pyeongchang just got the bid for the Winter Olympics in 2018! As in, like 40 minutes ago. MK and I have been talking about it. It’s in the same province we are in now, Gangwon-do. It has many mountains so it will be really cold for the winter. She said that the people in Pyeongchang are “delight” that this is happening, since they got rejected from a bid for 2014.

Today we had our elective day. D and I were with a Canadian and a Malaysian…and the rest Koreans. The morning we had a lecture, which was entertaining. Our professor teaches here but he is from Australia. So he has a fabulous accent, and is also a very funny person. For example: This happened today…

“Seriously, it is fun.” It was actually not a “caw caw!!” type exercise that I was fearing. It was actually a science experiment of sorts, to try out different tools (beaks) to pick up different food (items), to discover the best food for which beak.

Our prof is also kind of a hippie. Note our additional annotations:

The greatest thing about this lecture, was that it was very basic science, especially when learning about volcanoes and things. (3rd grade review of Plate Tectonics, anyone?) But he made it relevant and engaging. He didn’t talk about the rift in the Atlantic Ocean, he talked about the one next to Japan, and how it affected the positioning of Korea, and things like that. Science is much more fascinating when it is relevant.

Kyonu and Jingnyo day is today! MK remembered that I mentioned it at the temple. I didn’t even remember her being there at that moment. There is a Korean folktale, presented in the way I know it in the book The Two Love Stars by Lee, Mi-Ae. Once a year, these two lovers get to meet and the birds of the air make a bridge across the sky so that they can walk to meet each other. She said it is today! But it didn’t rain today, but it’s the story of why it rains in Korea. I guess they were happy today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, I think.



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