The Right Reasons, and 34938402 different languages

Today, D, J and I went with Jung Ah to church. We went to the largest church in Chuncheon. We asked Jung Ah if we could take a picture and she said, “Uhhh….Just one.” Bahahaha. We went in and sat down, and were immediately picked out by an older woman and her daughter. The daughter was named Violet, and she is from California. She is fascinating. She was born in Germany, and lived there for 10 years, she is fluent in German. Then her family moved to California. Her family just moved to Korea because her dad is the new preacher at this church. She is here for 2 months, before starting college. She is 19, and starting her freshman year at the University of Berlin. She says her Korean is not that good, but she translated the whole sermon to us in pieces, because there weren’t any translation sets available. She said it was God’s purpose for us to meet her today, because it was her first day at that church and our first day as well. She was super precious. And spoke fabulous English, Korean and apparently German. She also said she studied French in school. (We have entered the land of languages. I met a Kazakh girl tonight who spoke 5: some Japanese, Kazakh, Turkish, English, and Russian.)

At church, there was a 8 person orchestra, and about a 50 person choir. They also sang a song to the tune of “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” which I learned in violin when I was 9. I think last time I went to church in Korea that happened as well.

Church today was about doing things for the right reasons. I think. He talked about how many individuals start out helping others on a Christian foundation, but then the Christian part gets left out and then they are only helping people, but maybe they are helping in the wrong way, because it’s not the way God wants them to help, or the way that the other person may need help at the time. Individuals all go about helping people, but it should also be a church effort, and a real church is a church that works together, under the right motives. As an example, he discussed a famous church that was very old and so the outside of the building was dilapidated, but inside, it was a very powerful place to be. People judged the church by its outward appearance instead of the inside value. That tends to happen a lot. Churches are judged based on size, music, preacher. If the church is too big, it is looked down upon as a “mega church”, and if it is too small, it is thought that something is wrong. Music is always too loud, too soft, too traditional, too contemporary. The preacher talks for too long, too short, too fast, too slow. I am guilty of saying all of those things about churches I have attended. The real question is, is the Holy Spirit in this place? If so, it’s a good church, and no doubt the Holy Spirit is working in the hearts of the people there. Violet is special! I’m so glad we met her.

After church, we went to a bibimbap restaurant. I had bulgogi bibimbap. Delicious. It was a hotpot kind, so the rice on the bottom got a little crunchy. It was very nice. (That’s such an Aussie thing to say, that something is “nice.”) The rice was the kind that Mama likes, it’s dirty red colored, and has other things in it…She’ll know what I’m talking about.

It rained, of course, so we went to the underground mall. I bought snacks. And a trashcan. My roommate has two, but they’re really small and I feel bad putting my trash and nasty hair and stuff in it. My trashcan says:

a new broom sweeps clearly



We ordered in fried chicken for dinner, and got microwave rice from the convenient store downstairs. It was delicious. Then we sat around and learned Korean phrases for a few hours. I did my first load of laundry as well. Get this: The washers are exactly the same as the ones in the Fish. 37 minutes long and everything. Except they’re gray instead of white. I wonder if they work better, as well. They also have dryers, which I wasn’t expecting. But I dried my clothes on Min Kyung’s drying rack, because I didn’t have very many clothes, and it’s 1000W for each washer and dryer.

Funniest thing we saw today:

My roommate is listening to Like a G6 and Go Girl. I love her. I told her I would give her some music on a flash drive. Any suggestions?



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