The Korean word for “bus” is “bus.”

Fun fact of the day!

Today we went to Changpyeongsa Temple, an ancient Buddhist temple in the mountains of Chuncheon. We took a bus to the largest artificial dam in Asia, the Soyang dam. (It holds the Soyang River) Then we took a ferry across the river to the temple. It was a long hike after the ferry ride, but it was so beautiful! Streams down one side, where everyone was getting in the water! We liked the water and the road up even more than the temple. There was even a spring with a stone basin that had cups there that you could drink from. We filled up our water bottles, and the water was very crisp, no aftertaste. Delicious. At the temple, there were people that actually came to pray there, which was fascinating to watch.

Also: Met up with another guy from the program, who will be studying Korean with us. His name is Jason, and he’s from Canada. It’s interesting to talk to a Canadian about economies and countries. He came with us today on our excursion. For dinner, our last adoptee, J, met up with us. So we finally met her. Her roommate is actually named Young Hwa, which is my name except backwards (Hwa Young). She is from New York. (J is, not her roommate)

Food Watch:

Lunch – ddukboki (rice cake in spicy sauce (naturally)), twigim (various fried foods: mandu, vegetables, chopchey wrapped in seaweed, sweet potatoes), kimbap (vegetable rolls) and some sort of fish and egg thing in a broth. I could have eaten 3 twigims by myself…But we all shared and it was only 2000 per person!

Dinner – samgyopsal (pork on the barbeque). We finally ate at a place where we sat on the floor! It was also only 6000. I love the land of cheap, abundant, delicious food. I now smell like barbeque though, I’m about to get in the shower.

Today I learned a lot of things about more of the roommates (Koreans) in our group. It’s very fun to learn new things about people. Today, Min Kyung asked me if I watch American dramas. I told her no. She said she watched a little of a Gossip Girl episode a few weeks ago. I told her that is not how all of America is. She likes to listen to American music, I think. She was listening to Better Together, by Jack Johnson tonight, and I pulled it up on my computer and said, “Same!!”

Another fun story of the day: I was so excited to bring my new camera to the Temple, and there were so many good photo ops…But it told me, “Out of Memory!” I thought, “that’s impossible, it said 1300 yesterday.” I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, and all of the sudden, I opened the bottom and SURE ENOUGH, I left my memory card in my computer this morning. SUPER FAIL. No pictures of the temple for me. Darci took a lot though, so I’m stealing them tomorrow!



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