Mexico Man and Not American Food

We rode in the Eastern tour bus (curtains and all!) to school. There were only 10 people on the bus, but there was no other car that could carry all of our luggage! One thing I found interesting was that the mountains are covered in trees. And not like Colorado. They are some evergreens, but they are mostly tall, branchy, leafy trees, all very close together to make a very dense looking forest. Maybe this is an ok example?

Not really. Oh well.

My roommate is named Min Kyung, her English name is Jessica. She is really cute. She is the same age as me, and is a computer programming major. She’s quiet, but a lot better at English than she gives herself credit for.

For dinner they took us to this big supermarket that had an “American” restaurant inside. It was buffet style, and had lots of different choices…all which were very interesting. Spaghetti (but spicier), cold mashed potato and corn and onion salad (?)…I ate chicken curry and rice.

At dinner we met the guy that has been kind of organizing us, and his name is Ian. I always forget that though. So Min Kyung calls him Mexico Man. He is fascinating. His parents are Korean, and he was born in Korea but then they moved to Mexico when he was small. Then his sister was born in Mexico so she only spoke Spanish and couldn’t communicate with her parents. When he was 15 he moved to Los Angeles, and then 2 years ago he came back to Korea, knowing zero Korean (his parents never taught them, instead, the whole family spoke Spanish). His English is great, even though English was his second language because SPANISH was the first one. He went to a Language Institute for one year in Korea and is also going to university here, but his classes now are in English. He said he went to the Institute 2 hours a day, every day (M-F) and then he went home and studied for 5 hours every day. He says he can’t read and write fluently, but he can speak it, which, in my opinion, is the most difficult, but also useful, anyway. I couldn’t place his accent at first, he is a big husky guy who looked very American, but then I realized it was a Mexican speaking English that I was hearing. So strange. Haha.

OH saw babies at the babies’ home yesterday. SO LITTLE. ❤ We are not allowed to post pictures though. 😦

This is my room!

Last night we stayed up and the girls were trying to help us with words and phrases in Korean. We’re already learning so much! 🙂

Also, being with Aussies all the time has caused my vocabulary usage to change, and all of my sentences have become questions…?



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