Shopping and Dropping…Ca$h

I just asked D what we did today. “Is this all we did today?” Yeah…it is. Embarassing, really.

Shopped at the indoor Dongdaemun Shopping complexes today. Got a skirt that I think Val will like…If it doesn’t work for me, you can have it. Or if it does, I might let you borrow it. 🙂 Also bought cute keds-esque tennis shoes (but cooler looking). The lady was sure to tell me that they were “Not made in China, made in Korea!”

Lunch at some place…We all got something we weren’t super big fans of…But it was only 3000, so can’t complain too much!

The Aussies and Americans split up after that… S-E and E went to a folk village, I think (they’re not back yet…) and D and I went to Myeongdong.

My camera quit working this morning after taking one picture, it wouldn’t turn on. So. I was on the quest for a new camera. We walked a lot around Myeongdong and then found the big Lotte Department store. The first floor was so full of food that we got lost! And also kind of wondered why we didn’t eat there instead! We went up escalator after escalator…and finally found a map on the 6th level (I’m sure there were maps on every floor). We only needed to go up one more floor by then. We got to the Home Goods floor and looked around and said, this is only looking like bedding. Should we go up one more? And then D saw TVs, and we walked towards them and — Voila — cameras. The first one I originally saw was a Canon for 199,000₩. It was fabulous, great, shiny, whatever. As long as it would turn on, I was sure it would be fine. Then, of course, it was sold out. But, the guy at the counter said they were having a sale on the Nikons that were similar, and cheaper. Hey-o, I like cheap. So for a little bit less expensive, I got a nice new Nikon camera, a case, a 4GB card, all together! What a deal, I mean really. Freaking America makes us pay for everything individually…

Anyway, now I have a camera. Hoorayy! Also, yesterday I bought a new baby flash drive to replace the one that @TrentonSmith broke. 🙂

Tomorrow we are meeting Dr. Kim and having lunch with the homeland tour adoptees as well. Kim Matsunaga is here! After lunch we are heading out to school! I’m excited, but I don’t want to have to worry about dumb community college while I’m there. I think I’m going to take my second exam tonight so I can get it out of the way.



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