The Art of Staying Dry

I have not yet mastered this skill. The two components that I have not yet acquired are:

  1. The Umbrella
    The problem with the umbrella, is that I typically stand directly under the middle of it, attempting to keep each region of my body equally dry. In reality, what I am doing is making my backside dry, while leaving my front side, namely my legs, to get completely doused. It’s a good thing it took me an hour on the subway to get to PK, because it took that long for my capris to dry. On the way back, I was a little more successful with it, but not nearly as successful as everyone with completely dry pants. Maybe I just need a bigger umbrella.
  2. Dodging Puddles
    I wore tennis shoes. Yes. I did not wear my rain boots. I thought to myself, “What will people think of me if I am the only person wearing rain boots? I’ll be fine, and I’ll just watch out for puddles.” Too bad the whole street down to the subway is basically a giant puddle. My feet were wet even before I got to the station. I gave up. My shoes are currently on my room’s AC, trying to dry out. Because…Korea doesn’t have clothes dryers, you know. Saw an old lady and 2 young girls with rain boots. Guess what I’m wearing from now on? My new favorite shoes. Hey-o.

Fun facts of the day:

  • Nobody talks to you if you keep your headphones in on the subway. Noted.
  • Saw a girl with a shirt on that said “GET IT GIRL” on the front. Want.

Another adoptee arrived today from Australia. E is 20, so that’s nice, we’ll be friends. She just left to explore a little, this is her first time to Korea! Last night, I went to find dinner with another adoptee from Australia who got to the guesthouse yesterday as well. S-E is 23, according to E.

I went to see PK today, we ate delicious food, naturally. It was basically stewed kalbi….mmm. This picture has been getting lots of reactions on the KHC Counselor group wall on Facebook…Because it’s so delicious!:

Ate some radish kimchi today, Mom. Be proud. Trying new things…:) PK also loaned me a phone! Hooray. Texting on it is terribly slow in English. No T9!

Made a friend on the airplane. She was the same age as me, but married (I know, right.) to a guy in the Air Force. He is stationed here for the year, so she came to visit him for the month. That was her first time on an airplane! She was from Texas. She started to worry about halfway there because she had told her husband to pick her up on Wednesday instead of Tuesday…But luckily he was there when we got there! This is us, sweating in the line for Customs…

One more funny story: On the train to baggage claim in Incheon, I was holding my passport and a group of people were talking and looking over at me and talking and looking at me…Then the lady took a step close to me and peered over at the front of it. I think they didn’t  understand why I had an American passport. It’s funny calling the US “America” and calling myself “American.”

ALSO SAW BABIES TODAY! E and I went into the Babies’ Home floor and just looked in the windows. There were also some with some foster mothers in the hallway. I couldn’t stay in there too long…I kept squealing. I was probably getting annoying. I just couldn’t handle it. WANT.

Only picture I’ve taken since I’ve been here:



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