Already so much to say…

So many interesting things happened before I even left Denver…

The floor of Concourse B has dinosaurs and fossils on it. Not to mention, the place that I noticed this was in the restroom.

Boy in the security line:
He was going home to Kansas to his dad. And “the greatest thing about being underage is that they don’t have to check our IDs!” Me: “Oh. They have to check mine.”

Old lady in security line:
She was suuuper old, and with her daughter (also old-ish). A new lane opened up and I jumped on it. While loading my things into boxes, the daughter plopped a box right in front of all of mine and butted her way in front of me…Then the TSA guy was trying to help the lady take off her shoes and she slowly took liquids out of her purse but wouldn’t let the bag go until she had zipped it all the way up. Oh, plus she had to remove her hat. Clearly this woman was a threat. Then I thought I had gone ahead, because my stuff had gone through but then they managed to get in front of me again and wheeled the lady up to the metal detector. She then had to get out and walk through………………..Five years later, I was finally through the line.

Lady sleeping at my gate:
She looked so cozy. I was incredibly jealous. See picture.

I sat by newlyweds who were on their way to Hawaii. They were so precious. I had to restrain myself from asking them 3487956120 questions about their wedding. They were also friendly, and not fat, which was a plus. My butt hurt a lot, which makes me not exactly excited for this flight ahead of me. Listening to the Contemporary Pop station had 5 or 6 of my favorite songs in a row…it was like listening to my own iPod!…Then weird stuff came on. But while listening to one of my fav songs, I looked out the window and I realized, OH MAN, I AM ON A PLANE BY MYSELF AND GOING TO BE GONE FOR A MONTH! It was a strange feeling. But anywho, I tried to sleep, I scanned over the in-flight magazine (saving Sky Mall for the next 12 hours). That was honestly the longest 2h10 flight I’ve ever been on. But it was pretty. When we first took off and had reached cruising altitude, you could see the tops of snow covered mountains peeking through the clouds. Tried to get a picture, but I don’t think it does any sort of justice. Side note, I could count approximately 40 rivets on the wing out my window…

San Francisco:
It’s cloudy here. Like it always is. Haha. But I am currently at my gate. I forgot that once you get into the international terminal there is only stuff like Duty Free shopping, Coach, Swarovski, etc…aka no food. Haha. I found a deli and got a bagel!…Just opened my bagel. They didn’t put cream cheese on it. They gave you a little tub of it. Like I have a knife for that…

We also are given 45  minutes of complimentary wi-fi here at the airport. So at the moment I am typing this all up on Word and going to copy-paste it when I’m finished. 45 minutes is not very long when I am sitting here for another hour and a half!

I thought of the word adventure…this is what popped into my head: an Awana song I used to sing…


I am off on the ultimate adventure

Trusting Jesus all along the way!

To the truth of God’s word I will surrender,

No matter where I am from day to day.

In the sky, under sea, in the wild, Christ with me.

Here at home, around the world, His love is clear you see!

Won’t you come along with me, on the ultimaaaaate adventure!

I’m literally off on the ultimate adventure. I love that song…haha. I am so excited. I can’t even comprehend it right now. I won’t be able to, probably, until I land there. I may also be too tired to function when I get there. We shall see!

Stuff I forgot:
Alarm clock



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