What I have learned from being in an online class so far:

  • Nobody ACTUALLY is excited for this class. Everyone says, Nice to meet you, I’m so ready for this class, going to get my economics on! No. You’re not. I’m here to get in, get out, get back to my actual college.
  • Okay, I’m going to be in the oil and gas industry. What I have learned this week, is that EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT IT LIKE THEY KNOW WHAT’S UP. I admittedly don’t know as much as I could (I’m only on Chapter 8 of The Prize), but I know enough that everything they are saying is pretty ridiculous. I didn’t want to correct some of them, but Doug said, “If you don’t, they’re just going to continue to sound smart about it and people will believe what they say.” So…I did. I replied to a few. Here are two posts that were…interestingly inaccurate:

1. “For example although some states may have oil supply, Colorado has an insufficient amount, making oil a scarce resource in Colorado.”

In case anyone was wondering, this was my reply: Oil is not exactly a good example of a scarce resource in Colorado. The general US, yes, but definitely not Colorado. It mostly comes in the form of natural gas here, but some of the major plays right now are in the Piceance Basin in Western Colorado. Coal, oil shale and natural gas are drawn from this basin. It holds the richest oil shale deposits in the world, and Colorado exports these products to other states. Additionally, Denver is one of the metro areas that houses many oil companies for this reason. Anadarko, EnCana, ConocoPhilips, Cimarex, Samson and Williams are just a few companies that have offices in downtown Denver to take care of these western operations.

2. “For instance, Royal Dutch Shell hires geologists and biologists on their exploration and drilling teams in an effort to offset environmental impact.”

And my response: Every single E&P company has geologists (naturally, to find oil), but also have an entire environmental department. It’s not exactly something noble that Shell does. Everyone has one.

  • The people are very interesting. So many different walks of life to get to this silly community college class. For example:
  1. “My dream is to be a Victorias Secrets model. But I am extremely into music, and I hope to work in a record label. I know it’s hard to be a model, especially in Denver.”
  2. “I am 23 years old and this is my 3rd attempt to finish out my associates degree. I have been working on college since I graduated in 2006 but let’s just say school is not my friend.”
  • I am commended for being a full-time student at a 4-year university:
  1. “You have the motivation I wish I had!!! That’s awesome how young you started on all of your schooling. If I could do it over again, I would do what you have done. I’m on what I call the 6 year road right now, hoping this time is my time to get it done. Welcome to the class!” **Please note that this is the same person from the comment above. 6-year track for an associate’s degree.**
  2. “You go girl! Looks as though you are on track with your studies!”

I understand that some people, life doesn’t exactly go as planned and sometimes you have babies earlier than you think, and life happens, but, correct me if I’m wrong, I just felt like going to college after high school was “the next step.” Right? It wasn’t exactly about motivation for me, really, mostly just the necessity of college…

  • This class is easy so far. I took a quiz on how to graph. As in, what the X and Y axes were. 100%. I know, I’m really good.

So. Day 6, and so many exciting things have already happened. I’m pretty sure that if my book says, “In a free market economy…” one more time, I’m going to burn it. They seriously needed a more editors for this book. Opportunity costs: Better book, but spending more money….maybe then the students wouldn’t feel like a kindergartener when they read it? Look, I’m using what I’ve learned already.

Please take me back to my school. Please!

In other news: Two weeks from Monday, I get on a plane and will not be back until August. I can’t even begin to describe how much sense that does NOT make. I talked to a guy tonight coming on the trip with me from Florida, and this is going to be his first time to Korea. He is so excited, he said that it’s all he talks and thinks about. I’m not at that stage yet; I guess too much economics still to do! And I don’t even want to think about packing. Heritage camp is also this week. So I’ll be taking care of a bunch of Korean kiddos just like me. 🙂 I am also going to be watching two of my favorite little Asia dolls next week, and we went to the pool on Friday. So fun!!



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