What I’ll be doing…

Thought I’d update a little bit on my trip status and life!

I’ve been put in touch with another few adoptees that did this program last year. One woman, is in Korea right now getting a baby of her very own!! 🙂 She has helped me and D get a better sense of what life will be like at school.

Some cool things I found out:

  • This is the real deal. I’m going to school. There’s homework, stuff going on from 9-5, and Korean dorm food. We’ll get a transcript and everything! 30+ hours of language class (mornings), and then cultural electives in the afternoon!
  • I’ll be participating in a home-stay for a weekend—I’m assuming we will spend it with a host family.
  • My roommate will most likely be a Korean girl that attends the university. She will be a big help in terms of learning language, going out in the city, etc.
  • I won’t only be with adoptees. We will be with many people that have come for the summer to learn Korean, some from previous years have been from Malaysia, Canada and Mexico. 

That was all pretty eye-opening and exciting!

In other news, my summer macroeconomics class started this morning at 12 am. I logged on at that time, for fun. We’ve had to introduce ourselves, and that’s more interesting than reading the book, unfortunately. But at any rate, hooray. It looks like a lot of work, and I’m going to need some motivation. Ideas would be welcome!



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