daniel fast reflections

We recently participated in the Daniel Fast with our church. It is a challenging diet…In times of hunger and naught, you are encouraged to spend that time in prayer and the Bible. It’s basically being vegan without any sweeteners or leaveners.

Let me tell you how this actually went down:

Thinking about food I can eat.

Thinking about food I can’t eat.

Thinking about food I’m going to eat when it’s over.

We spend a lot of time in food, because of the blog, and because I love it. Reading about it, cooking it, eating it. I’ve heard that whatever you spend the most time thinking about is where your heart is. I started to worry that food was becoming an idol. It’s probably the most common thing I think about every day. I still planned what we were going to eat on the fast, but I ceased blogging. At first I had started with blogging the Daniel Fast, as a resource for others. but then I decided against it. I will pick up where I left off and blog about my favorite fast meals, but it was a nice break.

I realized that all the time and effort I was placing into the blog was not worth what I was putting in. I came to a crossroads where I could either abandon the blog altogether or choose to make something of it.

Then this week at church, Alex talked about satisfying work. Although I love my job, I believe an incredible passion lies in food. For this reason, I plan on pursuing the rebranding and monetizing the blog in upcoming months.

It will take more work and time than i ever have spent before, but if I treat it as a job and seek to excel in it, I believe it will be worth the time I put in.

We’ll see.

New Year’s Day 2k15 thoughts…

I haven’t really taken as much time to reflect on the year by myself as I have in the past. Maybe because I now have someone who works as a sounding board and we talk about things constantly.

But this has been a very good year! So many life changes. I’ve met so many new people, even since graduating, that have become a big part of my life. I’m thankful for the year I’ve had, and also can’t wait to make 2015 even better.

I’ll probably still be singing songs from 2006 next year, but some things don’t change.

Goals/Plans for 2015:

-I wrote about it on Sparkle Sisters…but I plan on replacing my work wardrobe gradually. Looking forward to that.

-MOVE. We just need a bigger kitchen. That’s really the one important thing!

-Eat healthier – we are doing a lot of home cooking, and I feed Justin healthy things, but I’m not as good at eating them myself.

-Jesus. Always need more Him.

I’ve been thinking about this all morning. I considered life optimization through the utilization of the things I already have. Mostly technology-wise, using apps and things to their greatest capacity. Like, contacts on my computer/phone hold all sorts of personal data. Saving addresses, where I meet people, email addresses, etc. My fitbit tracks sleep and I haven’t tried it yet. It seems kind of dumb now that I type it out, but if you properly used everything you use on a daily basis, you might be more productive or something.

Being married and young is fun. Exploring life together forever!

These are all my thoughts. haha


6 months post marriage…

Ta-da! We made it, and we are not yet with child, or pet.

Lots has happened, let’s see:

  • Work
  • My face problem came back with a vengeance
  • We bought the new Xbox
  • That’s pretty much it.

We spend a lot of time cooking over on SkinnyCookProblems, and we have a Dinner Club with two other couples that got married on each side of us in May. We talk about what we learned about marriage each week, and it helps us learn and grow with each other.

Justin also bought us a Christmas tree this weekend. And has already put it up. It’s just a baby one. But I like it. I’m normally so bah-humbug about Christmas before Thanksgiving, and I’m not sure why this year I’m like:

I even asked if we could listen to Christmas music while we baked pies today. And I keep having the urge to listen to Christmas music at work. Something is terribly wrong.

I am all in all doing pretty good with Christmas presents this year, so that’s also a pretty solid start.

Yipppeeeeeeeeee okay i don’t have anything else to talk about at the moment so byyeeee. 🙂


I just used the word “guesstimate” over on SkinnyCookProblems and now feel so silly. Mostly because I use that phrase all the time, and it’s about time that I realized that estimation is guessing, and guessing can be estimation…

I don’t want to give up my stupid words yet. #notgrowingup

i can guesstimate I haven’t been here since I got married. Happy 3.5 months to us.

Whoops, i haven’t been here in a month!
Not much to report. I started my real person job, including real person salary and real person benefits and real person BILLS.

I started running, kind of. But then I rolled a chair over my toe and it bruised the inside of my foot and it hurts to walk. So maybe running is out for the week. At this rate (every other week), I”ll be trained to run a 5K by next January or something…haaaaa